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Stopped a Foreclosure
My husband and I were in foreclosure. It was embarrassing and extremely stressful. We had thought that we had planned well for our retirement. We were doing well with our mortgage and we love our home. Then my husband got throat cancer. He has made a miraculous recovery but we had a terrible time making bills since he became sick. We had to go into foreclosure. We looked for ways out all over but we were becoming desperate. Our daughter found online and we were told that the Reverse Mortgage could save our home. This was the answer to our prayers. We completed our loan and our mortgage was paid off. We can now keep our home. It was amazing. Now that we don't have that mortgage payment, we can manage those medical bills. It has really saved us.

Provided Money for Additions
I was looking to put a pool in my home for my grandchildren use during the summers. It was important to me because I want to see them as much as possible and they love the pool. They're like fish. So instead of them going to the community pool during the summer, I wanted to put a pool in my home so we could be together every weekend. Unfortunately I could not afford it. I had planned well for retirement. My home is paid off, I have some decent investments. But this was going to cost more than I could afford without taking out an equity loan, or cashing in some of my bonds or my mutual fund. I was going to do that but I found I looked at doing an equity loan before having to cash in an investment, and I compared the equity loan I was looking at with a Reverse Mortgage. The Reverse Mortgage was the better choice for me. I did not want to start making monthly payments and due to my low income, I was able to receive a lot more money with a Reverse Mortgage. I am breaking ground on my new pool this summer thanks to my Reverse Mortgage.

Eliminated Adjustable Equity Loans
When my husband of 34 years passed away last year, I didn't know if I wanted to stay in my home. I loved this home but it was not the same without him. I looked around at places to move but nothing really appealed to me. Also, the economy is bad right now and it is a mortgage crisis, and I don't think I could have gotten a loan. We had a couple equity loans on our home and I was getting very tired of paying the monthly payment. Also, I wanted to take a vacation to take a break from everything. So I did a Reverse Mortgage and rented a condo at the beach for 2 months. It was wonderful. A friend and I watched the sunset and went shopping and we had a wonderful time. The Reverse Mortgage paid off the whole trip and also paid off my equity loans. I have decided to stay in my home. If you want a Reverse Mortgage definitely go to The gentleman that got me my Reverse Mortgage was very nice and extremely helpful. It was very easy and I totally recommend it.

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Reverse Mortgage Testimonials
"We wanted to put a pool in our home for our grandchildren. We were finally able to afford it thanks to the loan we got from Reverse Mortgage Safety" -- Beverly, FL
"I was almost in foreclosure, but I called my loan officer on Reverse Mortgage Safety and he saved my home for me and my family." -- Vincent, AZ
"My social security and retirement was not enough. We were struggling each month just to get by. We did not know Reverse Mortgages could help so much. We now have all our credit cards paid off, we can relax about our finances, and we can finally afford our dream trip to the Bahamas." -- Jeanette, MI