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Reverse Mortgage Safety is a consumer friendly web portal geared towards matching potential clients with trustworthy professionals, lenders, and specialists.

We are constantly updating the pages here with news, articles, and tools. We are integrating an updated blog, and future plans for an interactive forum, how-to videos, and audio updates.

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"We wanted to put a pool in our home for our grandchildren. We were finally able to afford it thanks to the loan we got from Reverse Mortgage Safety" -- Beverly, FL
"I was almost in foreclosure, but I called my loan officer on Reverse Mortgage Safety and he saved my home for me and my family." -- Vincent, AZ
"My social security and retirement was not enough. We were struggling each month just to get by. We did not know Reverse Mortgages could help so much. We now have all our credit cards paid off, we can relax about our finances, and we can finally afford our dream trip to the Bahamas." -- Jeanette, MI